Pine Belt residents sick of love bugs

Pine Belt residents sick of love bugs

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Love bugs are in the air, and people in the Pine Belt are sick of them.

Alicia Harris said they will not go away.

"I've heard people say if a love bug lands on you, you're probably in love," Harris said.

Harris said she is not in love and wants the love bugs to stay away.

"I hate love bugs," she said.

Brarrayn Toney said he cannot keep them off his new car.

"It's hard to fight them, it's hard," Toney said.

Operations Manager Barry Broome with RainForest Carwash in Hattiesburg said it is best to get the bugs off your car as soon as possible.

"The longer that the love bugs sit on the paint, they actually start to eat into the clear coat," Broome said.

The problem is so bad, Rainforest installed a new love bug station.

"Customers have the option to pull over to the side before they wash their car and take as much time as they need to scrub the bugs off the front of their vehicles.
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