Neighborhood reacts to Hub City homicide

Neighborhood reacts to Hub City homicide

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Investigators continue to look for answers about who murdered a retired school teacher this past weekend in the Hub City.

On Thursday evening, law enforcement is holding a community meeting and reaching out to folks who live near the place where 61-year-old Ann Georgian was found dead in a wooded area behind the Hattiesburg Public School's administrative Office.

They are trying to calm fears, while still asking people to be on high alert.

At a press conference Thursday afternoon, police said they are still investigating and doing everything they can to follow leads to find a suspect.
They said they do not want the community to live in fear, but they want them to practice safety and be more aware of their surroundings.

Like many people in the area, the owner Flowers by Mariam is concerned about safety after Georgian's body was found Saturday.

"With the homicide that happened the other day, it's really got everybody shook up. I keep my back door locked because I don't want anybody coming behind me," said Tammy Taylor, owner of Flowers by Mariam.

Just next door, Moore Funeral Home has similar concerns. Officer Manager Beverly Skinner said safety in the area has been a concern for years.

"We've had cars broken into. We always keep our doors locked and we've sometime found people in the building. We've been broken into this building I think twice," Skinner said.

One resident who did not want to give her name said Hattiesburg police has been patrolling the neighborhood since the body was found Saturday.

"We're very appreciative of that and since then, we're all just determined to go out in pairs and not walk alone at night and the morning period," the resident said.

HPD said they want the public to know they are doing everything they can to try to locate the suspect, and they want folks in the area to stay vigilant.

"This is a homicide, but just like with the burglaries, we tell people, don't leave your property out where it can be seen," HPD Lt. Jon Traxler said. "Make sure you lock your doors things like that, and that's what we want our public to remember. We're concerned about everybody not just the people I this office. You know we want everybody to be safe. The more information the police get, the better it will be for everybody."

Police said if you have seen any suspicious behavior in the area, or saw anything suspicious the morning the body was found on Saturday to give them a call or to call crime stoppers.