USM student opens College Town Escape Rooms

USM student opens College Town Escape Rooms
The "Kidnapped" Escape Room door/Photo credit: WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A University of Southern Mississippi entrepreneurship major has ventured into the business world and is offering people in the Pine Belt quite the challenge.

USM Junior Kody Liston, 22, recently opened College Town Escape Rooms at 6668 U.S. 98 in West Hattiesburg.

"I wanted to do something within my field that would give something for other people to do outside the norm like going to the movies and bowling," Liston said.

The venue offers three types of rooms to escape, including the most popular being the "Kidnapped" room that guests have to do their best to escape in an hour.

The other options for rooms are "A Colorful Sound" and "A Failed Experiment."

"It's just you in the room, it's just a big puzzle game basically," Liston said. "Now kidnapped, I think a lot of people like kidnapped just because you actually have to be blindfolded to start."

Liston said as soon as the scenario starts, you get in the dark room and you can take the blindfold off and start the puzzle game.

Liston added one of his goals was to add something new to the community.

"Something you can kind of of do together as a team, it builds teamwork, and so it gives other people something to do and it keeps me busy as well while I'm in school," Liston said.

You can see more information about booking parties here.