Visitors upset after vehicles wrongfully towed at Hub City apartment complex

Visitors upset after vehicles wrongfully towed at Hub City apartment complex

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Visitors to a Hattiesburg apartment complex are upset after they said up to 50 cars were towed last weekend.

WDAM 7 News began receiving calls from folks that said their vehicles had been towed illegally from the apartment complex known as the VIE at Hattiesburg.

Linda McGee said when she woke up on Saturday morning, she was shocked to see her car was no longer in the visitor's parking.

"When I woke up the next morning to get ready for work and come out here, the car was gone,"  McGee said. "So we went to the office and found out the car was towed."

Several other residents, parents and visitors had a similar story to McGee's.

"My friend's car was towed on Sunday night, and she parked in the visitor's section and that's suppose to be for our visitors that come so they won't get towed at night,"  Mildrisia Travis said, a VIE resident.

"My son said that he went to get something out of his girlfriend's car and the car was gone and the parking lot was empty," Shalawn Clark said, a parent of a resident.

Little Jackie's Towing in Hattiesburg was responsible for towing the cars.

Residents said visitors had to pay up to $250 to get their cars back.

"Little Jackie's told me they had dropped the fee from $250 to $100 because there was discrepancy, and there was confusion in the towing process," Clark said. "So my question was, if there's confusion why are we charging anything?"

WDAM 7 reached out to the VIE at Hattiesburg office. They would not talk on camera but said in a statement.

"Our parking policy aims to promote an exclusive experience for our residents.  We communicated this resident service effort in advance via email, social media and direct notices.  We understand, however, the recent enforcement of our policy has caused an inconvenience for some residents.  We are working with each individual to rectify the situation as fast as possible."

WDAM 7 went to Little Jackie's Towing to ask why the cars were towed from The VIE at Hattiesburg, but received no answer.

But questions still remain.

"I think that's wrong, I feel like we shouldn't have to pay $100," Travis said. "She parked where she was supposed to park. That's just crazy to me."