Laurel city officials release 2017 budget

Laurel city officials release 2017 budget

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Laurel city officials released the budget for the 2017 fiscal year, and while these are tough economic times, Mayor Johnny Magee said taxes will not increase for residents.

"Instead of passing that to the citizens, we just decided to tighten our belts," Magee said.

He said the budget is tight with cuts across the board.

"In order to take care of citizen's money, we cut where needed to cut," Magee said.

With sales tax revenue down, the mayor hopes oil prices will increase to help turn things around.

"If it gets up to around 80 dollars which that's what we're expecting, I think Laurel will make a tremendous comeback," Magee said.

Magee said no city services should be affected as a result of the new budget.

"If you pick up the phone and call 911, the police will still be there, your garbage will still be picked up, our water will be flowing, your sewer will be working," Magee said.