Watermelon Warrior Wahoo teaches Oak Grove children about watermelon

Watermelon Warrior Wahoo teaches Oak Grove children about watermelon

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Friday, students at Oak Grove Upper Elementary School in Lamar County got an educational treat as they spent the day learning about watermelon.

AgArt teacher Heather Giger said the event was all a part of their first Watermelon Warrior Wahoo.

"We had our first watermelon in the garden and we picked here and they named her Melanie," Giger said.

"She just kind of sparked this whole Watermelon Warrior Wahoo."

Over a hundred watermelons were donated from Rutland Farm in Smith County to teach students the importance of Agriculture.

"They need to know that eating healthy can be fun," Giger said.

"And that we can use every part of the watermelon. We eat the seed then the rind can be used for several things and the seed can be replanted and that life can grow back."

Student spent the day eating watermelon and participated in a seed spitting contest.

Mississippi native and Season 7 master Chef Contestant Katie Dixon stopped by to talk about healthy cooking.

"To be able to teach and educate children in Mississippi to eat healthier and today just showed me that they're so eager to learn."

Students said the Wahoo was truly a tasty and educational treat.

"I learned that watermelon it comes in a lot of varieties and the red part is the meat." Student Matthew Roland said.

"I want to be  farmer and I want to be able to pick a lot of watermelons when I grow up," Student Patrick Thomas said.

"I learned they pick about 6,000 a day."

Students spend the entire week learning about watermelon before the watermelon celebration on Friday.