Student volunteers assist in USM move-in day

Student volunteers assist in USM move-in day

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Southern Miss was a busy place on Friday as more than a 1,000 students began to move into the dorms.

Students began moving in at 8 a.m. Friday morning.

"So hectic, so many suitcases and things to carry, but overall it's a great experience so many people helping us out," freshman Jessica James said.

Hundreds of student volunteers came to help the newcomers unload and unpack.

"Today has been really great because it shows like everyone coming together," student volunteer Joy Netzhammer said. "Almost every single organization on campus has come out and helped."

Brothers from the Nu Eta Chapter of Omega Psi Phi said, "I carried about 20 boxes, and they were all weighing about 25 pounds, couple couches microwaves and refrigerators."

Students and parents said the biggest challenge is trying to stay hydrated in the heat.

"The assistance that they provided in getting the students into the dorm room was phenomenal no hiccups, the only thing that was a hindrance was the heat," Lucretia Speech said.

Junior Kenneth James said, "It's been nice you had so many people able to hop you, the only thing was the heat. That's what got you."

Students said they look forward to a new year.

"I am so excited so many nerves, but good emotions," James said. "Excited to meet new faces and professors.

Freshman Michael Thomley said, "I'm a bit nervous of course because I'm moving into a new thing of live, but overall I'm optimistic."

Students affected by the recent flooding in Louisiana that will be delayed arriving on campus should call 601-266-5020.