HPD looking for answers in 2015 cold case

HPD looking for answers in 2015 cold case
In December 2015, 43 year-old Richard Deshawn Barnes was shot at killed in the Hub City./Photo credit: WDAM
Latonya Anderson/Photo credit: HPD
Latonya Anderson/Photo credit: HPD

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - In December 2015, 43 year-old Richard Deshawn Barnes was shot at killed in the Hub City.

In February, Hattiesburg Police charged Latonya Anderson with hindering prosecution.

Since that arrest, the case has gone cold and Hattiesburg police are still searching for answers to close the case.

On Dec. 29 2015, Barnes was shot and killed sitting in a truck in the driveway of an abandoned house at 929 Spencer Street in downtown Hattiesburg.

"He was shot and killed, Barnes was inside a vehicle, with another subject, a female, and according to the female they had been in the vehicle a couple of hours actually just sitting, talking, eating and then they both actually, according to her, fell asleep," Hattiesburg Police Lt. Jon Traxler said.

The woman in the truck was later identified as Latonya Anderson, 53 of Hattiesburg, and she was charged in February through the course of the investigation.

"She was awakened to glass being broke and then she heard gunshots and when she heard gunshots she took cover and when she got out from her cover and could see him, she then drove him to Forrest General Hospital in attempts to render aid," Traxler said.

MOBILE USERS: View photos from the Dec. 29, 2015, shooting here.

Barnes was pronounced dead at Forrest General Hospital by Forrest County Deputy Coroner Jonathan Nobles.

"Through our investigation we're just running into not a lot of leads, according to the scene and everything, the evidence we found at least six or seven shots were fired into the vehicle as well as like I say, most of them hitting Mr. Barnes," Traxler said. "We are trying to work on some stuff that is still at the crime lab we are waiting on to come back, so until all that is processed though we're not giving up on it."

Traxler added that no matter how small of a detail that it could be, it could help authorities get a break in the case.

"It could be as small as you saw a car in the area, or a person out in that area, we are looking for anything that may help us move the investigation forward," Traxler said.

You can contact Hattiesburg Police or Metro Crime Stoppers at 601-582-STOP. Information that leads to an arrest could lead to as much as a $1,000.