WATCH: Front porch standoff between wild boar and police

WATCH: Front porch standoff between wild boar and police

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - A Petal family awoke to a bizarre scene Tuesday after two hunting dogs trapped a wild boar on their front porch.

Terina Greer, of Petal, said the morning of her 18th wedding anniversary began with her daughter bursting into their bedroom screaming.

"Mom, something's happening outside! There is something on our porch, it looks like a huge, mean pig," Emilee Greer said.

Terina said she and her husband David stumbled to the front door to find two hunting dogs attacking a boar near their front door.

"One dog had it by the leg, and the other by it's ear," Terina said. "Whoever owned these dogs trained them well. You could hear the pig squealing and there was blood all over the porch."

Terina also said that the dogs had apparently pinned the boar to their garage and Altima before ultimately trapping it on their porch.

"That's when my husband said it was a big, wild boar and he called the police," Terina said.

According to Terina, a Petal police officer responded to the scene. She said once he saw the size of the pig, he called for back-up.

"Four car loads of police men came with rifles and started pointing them towards the door," Terina said.

That's when Terina moved her children and family to the back of the house.

"My husband snuck outside through the back door to try and figure out what their plan was," Terina said.

According to David, police thought the best plan of action was not to startle the pig, but to try and shoot it from the inside of the house through the front door.

After he granted permission for police to come inside their home, the pig got startled and ran towards the officers.

"All of the sudden this pig just took off," Terina said. "It was so funny because all those police men tried to escape it and piled up in the bed of a truck."

Terina said one officer was able to get a clear shot, and killed the pig a little ways down the road near a gravel pit.

"We were so tickled by the entire situation," Terina said. "It was a strange way to start my anniversary."

According to Terina, Petal police were very helpful and kind during the incident.

Although as strange as the incident seems, Petal Animal Warden Rick Varner says there is a specific protocol the public needs to follow with wild animal calls.

"Being familiar with wild hogs is a necessity," said Varner, who has hunted hogs for years. "The problem with this wild hog in particular was that it was being transported for delivery and escaped some type of cage, which is against the law."

Hogs are considered feral, and if you are caught trying to trap and transport them you could face a $1,000-$5,000 fine, and six months jail time.

Varner said this situation is not being actively investigated at this time because it is hard to tell whether or not the hog was trapped inside the city limits or in the county.

Varner offered a few tips in the event someone comes face-to-face with a wild hog.

"When you are faced with a wild animal, especially a boar with tusks, that hog could cut you up to the point that you bleed out," Varner said."If you don't know how to handle it, then you need to call the police department so they can handle the situation."

Varner also said hogs carry several diseases that can be passed around to different animals, including tuberculosis.

"You always want to use gloves when handing a wild hog," Varner said. "A lot of people eat the meat, which is fine as long as it is cooked."

Varner stressed to the public that if you are inside the city limits and are faced with a wild animal to not take the situation into your own hands.

"You cannot shoot a wild animal inside the city limits," Varner said. "Outside the city limits or in the county, you can shoot it as long as it is on your property."

Varner said this is the first time he has ever had to take care of a boar for a citizen, but is happy to do it for anyone who needs help.

"It was pretty strange, but protecting the people of our city is my first priority," Varner said. "When faced with helping out a person, or shooting an animal, we will always choose people. Safety is our first concern."

As for Terina and David's wedding anniversary, they opted to celebrate on Friday.

"Hopefully nothing crazy will happen then!" Terina said.