LCSO holds flood relief drive

LCSO holds flood relief drive
Photo credit: WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Members of the Lamar County Sheriff's Department spent the day taking donations for Louisiana flood victims.

"We have deputies on staff that have relatives and friends down there in Louisiana and they've been down there," Lamar County Sheriff Danny Rigel said. "They have come back and said they can't believe how bad it is down there."

Rigel said his department organized the flood relief fundraiser and put the plan in action late Monday night.

"We thought maybe we would have a few trucks, a few loads of stuff to take, but we had no clue that it would take off like this, it just shows us how tremendous the people in and around Lamar County are," Lamar County Sheriff's Department Maj. Brad Weathers said.

Rigel added that the whole thing brought flashbacks of hurricane Katrina.

"Even though it's been 11 years ago since Katrina, and what it's like to do without, we are just trying to help like everyone did for us after Katrina, and we are just trying to pay it forward," Rigel said.

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The department was planning to take donations until 5 p.m. Tuesday at the Sheriff's Department and the substation, but with the support of the community they will man the substation on Weathersby Road throughout the night.

"Our SRT Team will head out around 7 Wednesday morning and escort an 18 wheeler that was donated by Pearl River Community College all the way to Baton Rouge," Weathers said.

A Facebook post shared by the department gave a list of items they would be taking:

"Items needed are bathroom/personal hygiene items. Sleeping items such as pillows, blankets, sleeping bags. Underwear in all sizes for men, women and children, to include diapers. Non-perishable food items, including pet food."

The department asks that there be no monetary donations for this effort. In lieu of donations, prayers would also be appreciated by those suffering.

"This is just an honor to live in a county like this, just to see what the people can do and how our efforts can go a long way," Rigel said. "We are here for the community and to help in any way we can, it just is truly amazing to see what the community can do as a whole when we come together."

Rigel added that with everything collected, it will now take two 18-wheelers to haul the donations to Louisiana.

If you are interested in donating, officers will be at the substation throughout the night.

You can stop by the Substation at 660 Weathersby Road, behind Lowes in West Hattiesburg.