Palazzo talks Trump during Forrest, Lamar GOP Women meeting

Palazzo talks Trump during Forrest, Lamar GOP Women meeting

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Mississippi's 4th District Republican Representative Steven Palazzo was in Oak Grove Tuesday, speaking to Forrest-Lamar Republican Women about the upcoming November general election.

Palazzo is supporting GOP nominee Donald Trump for president and urged the organization to get behind his campaign.

He said Trump would be better for the country than Democrat Hillary Clinton.

"Donald Trump, 'Make America Great Again' for all Americans, focusing on making our military number one, our economy number one I think is resonating, especially in light of the past eight years of failed liberal policies under Barack Obama," said Palazzo.

Palazzo is also running for re-election this year.

He said his own campaign strategy for November is to be honest with voters.

"You just tell the truth and work hard," Palazzo said. "That's something I've done my entire life. I learned it when I was a little kid and I think people appreciate that. They don't want you coming in here grinning and spinning things and slapping people on the back. They just want to see you go to work and provide results as we have."

Palazzo is seeking his fourth term in Congress.