Animals rescued from abandoned home in Jones County

Animals rescued from abandoned home in Jones County

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Workers with the Southern Cross Animal Rescue in Laurel seized dogs from an abandoned home in the Myrick Community of Jones County.

Kennel Tech Luke Hanna said the home was in deplorable condition.

"It smelled really like urine and feces. There were bugs all over the place, roaches crawling all over the walls and counters," Hanna said.

Hanna said they rescued three dogs and about six cats after receiving a call from the landlord who said the renters left the animals inside in really bad shape.

"The condition they were living in was not fit for humans or animals. One of the cats has F.I.V., we call it feline AIDS and another one of the cats has feline leukemia," Hanna added.

He said there was no food or water inside the home.

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"We are pressing charges on the owners of the animals so until the court date, the animals will be in our care," Hanna said.

Hannah has only been working with the Southern Cross Animal Rescue, and he said it is heartbreaking to see cases like this one.

"It's really important that people come here and work and who serve here at SCAR, they show those animals that there's still hope for them," Hanna said.