Stion solar panels used in New York school district

Stion solar panels used in New York school district

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - This is a news release from Stion 

A new solar electric array is powering the Avon Central School District in Avon, New York with Stion's "Simply Better" solar panels. The array, which is the largest supplying electricity to a school district in the state of New York, will supply all of the school districts' electricity needs and generate an additional $75,000 worth of annual electricity credits.

The project was co-developed by New Energy Equity of Annapolis, MD and RER Energy Group of Reading, PA. RER has longstanding relationships with the Avon community and initiated the development, at which point New Energy Equity completed third-party financing and equipment selection. Final engineering, procurement, and construction was completed by Solbright Renewable Energy, located in Charleston, SC, an EPC specializing in commercial, municipal, and military solar projects.

WGL Energy Systems, a WGL Holdings company, owns and operates the project and provides electricity to the school district. Partial funding for the project was provided by NY-Sun, Governor Cuomo's $1 billion initiative to scale up solar energy in the state and develop a self-sustaining solar industry.

Stion's solar panels were manufactured in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and include a 25-year warranty, which will enable the district to generate more than $1 million in electricity credits over the lifetime of the panels.

"Stion's CIGS modules were selected because they outperform crystalline silicon modules in both warm and cold climates," said Ian Palmer, New Energy Equity's CEO. "We embrace innovative American companies and Stion's technology and value proposition are very compelling," Palmer said.

"Stion's CIGS modules are the most stable energy producers available due to their industry leading low temperature coefficient of -.26%/°C. The glass on glass encapsulation prevents moisture ingress and delivers long-term power stability with no light-induced (LID) or potential-induced degradation (PID)", said Jim McGrath, Stion's Vice President of Sales.

Additionally, the panels are frameless, which minimizes cleaning requirements as dust, pollen, snow, and other debris wash off the edge of the frameless module when it rains, rather than collecting on the edge. This enables the panels to maximize energy production relative to framed panels-another reason why Stion's panels are "Simply Better."