Pine Belt cross country coach has legacy of training Olympians

Pine Belt cross country coach has legacy of training Olympians

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A local cross country coach has a legacy of training Olympians.

Seventy-four-year-old Wayne Williams is a volunteer cross country coach at Presbyterian Christian School in Hattiesburg.

He's coached for more than 50 years and has coached several Olympic athletes during his time at the University of Alabama and Southern Miss.

"On the college level I really had a lot of success," Williams said. "The coaching experience was terrific because he had 30 Olympians during that time win multiple Olympic Games."

Some of the athletes have even won Olympic gold medals.

"Calvin Smith, he was a Mississippi guy, he was a gold medalist and he also set the world record," Williams said.

This fall, Williams begins his 10th season coaching at PCS. Many students said he was an inspiration.

"During cross country camp, which we have every year, we'll sit around in chairs and he'll just tell us stories," PCS senior Ruth Anne Reeves said. "So he'll sit us down and just talk through all of his experiences and what he knows makes athletes great."

Williams said, "I've been asked when am I going to quit and I keep saying very year for years this is my last year, but it never ends up being my last year, I keep going more time."

PCS will start the cross country season on Aug. 20.