MS Crime Victim Compensation program distributes over $3.7M to victims

MS Crime Victim Compensation program distributes over $3.7M to victims

MISSISSIPPI (WDAM) - On Wednesday, Attorney General Jim Hood announced that more than $3.7 million was given to innocent victims of violence crime in fiscal year 2016 in the Magnolia State.

According to an AG press release, the compensation was given to help with victims' medical treatment and other expenses.

"Mississippi residents who are victims of violent crime deserve the assurance that they can receive help to recover and move forward from often times tragic circumstances," Hood said in the press release. "The Victim Compensation program is funded in large part by convicted criminals whose heinous acts caused the injury and loss sustained by victims. My office is committed to ensuring that crime victims are not re-victimized because of the costs associated with violent crime."

The program distributed $3,747,754.61 to 1,163 victims of crime all across the state because of injuries associated with the criminal acts brought against them.

But Hood said he has concerns about the future budget for the Crime Victim Compensation program because legislature decided this year that assessments imposed by court will go toward the state general fund instead of the program, according to the press release.

This change could decrease the amount of compensation available for future victims.

Federal grants, court-ordered restitution and fees assessed to convicted criminals fund the program. The maximum amount of compensation that is distributed to each individual is $20,000, and can cover medical treatment, mental health services, funeral costs, etc.

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