New Covington County mentor program to help young men

New Covington County mentor program to help young men

COVINGTON COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A Covington County mentor program wants to help young men live up to their greatest potential.

The "Mentour 101" program will pair kids with adults to teach the children how to respect authority figures like police, teachers and parents. The group intends to meet each month and plans on taking the group on fishing and swimming trips.

Founder Christopher Preston said he wanted to create this program to make a positive impact on the community.

"We intend to be proactive and teach young men how to interact with police, how to interact with law enforcement, teachers ,their parents," Preston said. "We understand if we can get ahead of the game, that gives us an advantage over some of the problems that we have in our communities."

This is a free program that will be offered to young adults from ages 9 to 21. To learn more about the organization, contact Preston at 678-815-6145 or email him at or