Eric Booth

Eric Booth

Coach: Eric Booth

School: Collins High School

Years coaching: Coaching for 16 years, first year at Collins High.

WDAM: How do you motivate your team each time before they hit the field?

Booth: Challenge them! We ask them to get at least a little better each day when they go out on the field. We ask them to determine in their minds and hearts: "Did I improve today?"

WDAM: What is your proudest moment as a football coach and why?

Booth: Seeing the final results of hard work and dedication when a senior finishes his final season of high school football is a very proud moment for me. It is great to reflect on the progress from his freshman year to his senior year.

WDAM: What are you looking forward to this season with your players?

Booth: We are very young and have a lot of inexperience. I am looking forward to the steady progression of our guys under fire as they grasp the high school football level.

WDAM: Do you have a motto for your team? If so, what is it and how did you come up with it? 

Booth: "Finish everything you start: football, school work, chores, etc."

WDAM: How do you gain trust and motivate your players? 

Booth: Leading by example and coaching very hard. I feel that if I give them my best effort, they will give me theirs in return.

WDAM: Who is your greatest role model either personally or as a coach?

Booth: Jesus Christ, because He is the only perfect Man, and he exemplifies the perfect example of love, character, loyalty and leadership.

WDAM: What mistakes have you made in your coaching career and how have you been able to learn from those mistakes?

Booth: One mistake I've made in the past is assuming I was being understood by my players. I've learned to communicate better with my team by not only setting expectations, but clearly defining them and ensuring that each player understands his role.

WDAM: What are some ways you help your players off the field?

Booth: We constantly motivate and counsel our guys regarding proper behavior, respect and maturity off the field.

WDAM: How do you plan on improving as a coach from year to year?

Booth: I will continue to improve as a coach by constant self-evaluation, continuing education and networking.

WDAM: How has coaching affected your life?

Booth: Coaching has had a positive effect on my life. As a coach, I understand that I am an instructor, teacher, motivator, disciplinarian, substitute parent, social worker, friend and manager to my players and staff. This influences me to live a positive life; continue to work hard for my team and set good examples.

NOTE: This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.