Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson

Coach: Kevin Jackson

School: East Marion High School

Years coaching: Coaching 22 years; three years at East Marion High

WDAM: How do you motivate your team each time before they hit the field?

Jackson:  I try to come up with a good motivational speech, and we have a little team chant we recite before taking the field.

WDAM: What is your proudest moment as a football coach and why?

Jackson: Well as an assistant coach at Collins High, we won a state championship. As a head coach, it was winning the district championship over Bassfield High.

WDAM: What are you looking forward to this season with your players?

Jackson: Just to see how much our kids have grown up since last season.

WDAM: Do you have a motto for your team? If so, what is it and how did you come up with it? 

Jackson: "Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail." Well the summer workouts were slow to begin the summer, so I wanted them to know if you're not doing everything possible to get ready for the upcoming season, you're not preparing to be successful.

WDAM: How do you gain trust and motivate your players? 

Jackson: Just building relationships and getting to know the players.

WDAM: Who is your greatest role model either personally or as a coach?

Jackson: My Dad. He just taught me so many things. His work habit was impeccable!

WDAM: What mistakes have you made in your coaching career and how have you been able to learn from those mistakes?

Jackson: Giving officials a hard time ranting and raving. To be more calm on the sidelines.

WDAM: What are some ways you help your players off the field?

Jackson: We attend church services and do community service projects.

WDAM: How do you plan on improving as a coach from year to year?

Jackson: Clinics and other coaches and staff.

WDAM: How has coaching affected your life?

Jackson: It has given me the opportunity to help and shape young men's lives.

NOTE: This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.