Tupelo woman pleads guilty to capital murder

Tupelo woman pleads guilty to capital murder

TUPELO, MS - A Tupelo woman has entered a guilty plea in Lee County court for capital murder, according to WTVA news. 

Lea Bishop, 44, pleaded guilty to the 2015 death of Jesse Traylor, 65.

On May 20, 2015, Bishop called The Laurel Police Department claiming she needed police assistance at the Veterans Memorial Museum.

When Laurel police arrived, they found a letter stuck to the museum door.

"It was a large Manila envelope that had multiple pages in there. After they looked at it and read it, it indicated there had been a possible murder in another jurisdiction and the person who wrote the letter was a suicide threat," said Captain Tommy Cox with the Laurel police department.

Laurel police immediately called Tupelo police, specifically citing an address listed in the letter.

When Tupelo police arrived to that address, they found Traylor's body.

Tupelo Chief Bart Aguirre said in a 2015 interview that the letters obtained by Laurel police explained how Bishop killed Traylor.

A search for Bishop began shortly after, where she was found in a Louisiana jail after she was arrested at a traffic stop.

According to WTVA, Bishop's sentence includes no possibility of parole and she is not eligible for any type of release.