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Laurel mayor reacts to council overriding his veto

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Laurel Mayor Johnny Magee said he stands behind his decision to not give Wayne Farms a multi-million-dollar tax exemption, even though the council voted to override his veto.

“As everybody knows tax exemptions are to help businesses who hire employees,” Magee said.

Magee said it is not fair to give Wayne Farms a tax break after a massive lay off.

“They actually got rid of 595 employees,” Magee said.

But, Councilman Manuel Jones stands behind his vote to give Wayne Farms a tax break.

“I think they deserve it, they getting treated like dogs and Howard Industries getting treated like angels,” Jones said.

Jones said Howard Industries has received three tax exemptions this year alone, so it is not fair to not give one to Wayne Farms.

“I think everybody needs to be treated the same,” Jones added.

Magee said Howard Industries is actually putting people on its payroll.

“The fact is Howard Industries is still one of the biggest employers in Laurel, Jones County,” Magee said.

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