MS photographer captures body confidence in 'Project: Self Love'

MS photographer captures body confidence in 'Project: Self Love'

MISSISSIPPI (WDAM) - A Mississippi photographer's project about women's body confidence is going viral.

Jess Fielder, a Columbus native, created "Project: Self Love" to shed light on the struggles that women face with body negativity in our society. She posted the project on Facebook last week and so far, it has received immense positive feedback with 147,000 likes and more than 300,000 shares.

Fielder gathered more than a dozen women of all ages, shapes and sizes and asked them not only to bare their bodies, but their hearts as well.

In the album Fielder writes,

"I asked them to write down something another person has said to them in their lives about their bodies that impacted their self confidence negatively. Then I had them write down something they know to be true of themselves that has nothing to do with physicality. I loved the moment of seeing their faces and demeanors change when they held up the second card. They are all beautiful. period. I hope that for at least those couple hours, they knew it to be true."

Some of Fielder's inspiration for the project can be credited to Erin McKean, a journalist and blogger.

Fielder began her project's album with a quote by McKean about body image seen below.

To learn more about "Project: Self Love," check out Jess Fielder's Photography Facebook page.