Mayor Johnny DuPree discusses Democratic convention

Mayor Johnny DuPree discusses Democratic convention

HATTIESBURG, MS - Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree attended the Democratic Convention for the past few days as part of the National Rules Committee.

So far, the convention has seen several protests in the streets of Philadelphia.

"It is Democracy, you know it was democracy at its best, it was a peaceful protest," DuPree said.

However, one protest on Monday brought the Mississippi state flag controversy back into the spotlight.

The Mississippi state flag was taken down from the Avenue of the States on Broad Street in Philadelphia after several protesters sat in the road shouting for it to get removed.

Mayor Johnny DuPree said he did not hear anything about it and was busy in meetings.

Bernie Sanders protesters also took to the streets Tuesday protesting Hillary Clinton, but DuPree said he thinks the party will persevere and come together.

"I think the Democratic Party is strong and strong enough to acknowledge that things are not going the way it should have and move forward," DuPree said.

Overall, he said the speakers at the convention were positive and spoke about important issues.

"People talked about the platform and making the college more affordable for everybody and talked about Wall Street, the rich continuing to get rich and the middle class dwindling," DuPree said.

The Democratic convention will hear speeches from President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden Wednesday night.