Energy efficiency education program held at Boys and Girls Club

Energy efficiency education program held at Boys and Girls Club

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - With the heat of the summer in full force, most folks will find that their power bill will be affected dramatically.

Mississippi Power wants to help families save money on their bill by educating children with tips on how to save electricity.

The Energy Efficiency Education Program came to the Boys and Girls Club in Hattiesburg to teach the kids ways to save their parents' money.

Things like turning off the lights when they leave the room or raising the thermostat during the summer and changing the air filter regularly.

"We want the kids to get involved and realize that if they do their part in helping the family to remember to conserve energy then that saved money can hopefully be used to do something fun and entertaining  to them," said Tamara Proctor, MS Power Energy Efficiency Educator. It's good to start developing good habits young and that's why we reach out to younger students. The younger they are the easier it is for them to understand and once they understand,  it's important to them to start developing those habits."

When the kids were asked what they would do with the money they'd save using these tips, most said that they would give the money to the Boys and Girls Club.

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