Drew Causey

Drew Causey

Coach: Drew Causey

School: Oak Grove High School

Years coaching: 

2004 – Southern Miss Graduate Assistant Coach

2006 – Henderson State University

2008 – Pearl River Community College

2013 – Oak Grove High School

  • Assistant coach - 2013, 2014
  • Head coach - 2015

WDAM: How do you motivate your team each time before they hit the field?

Causey: Hype Videos

WDAM: What is your proudest moment as a football coach and why?

Causey: The 2013 State Championship Game as an assistant coach at Oak Grove and 1st Career Game as head coach at Oak Grove vs Wayne County, winning by 34-33 on a last second touchdown.

WDAM: What are you looking forward to this season with your players?

Causey: Just watching the guys grow up and become not only great football players, but also great young men.

WDAM: Do you have a motto for your team? If so, what is it and how did you come up with it?

Causey: FAMILY: We started this last season. We want our guys to feel like this is their family. Full motto is 1 Family – 1 Mission – 1 Goal.

WDAM: How do you gain trust and motivate your players?

Causey: You gain their trust by the players knowing you care for them. Players are motivated differently.

WDAM: Who is your greatest role model either personally or as a coach? Why?

Causey: As a coach, I would say Coach Nevil Barr.  He has taught me how to handle many different situations and is always there when I need to talk.  Personally, that would be my dad, he has taught me so many things throughout my life.  He is always there for me and is someone I can always talk to.

WDAM: What mistakes have you made in your coaching career and how have you been able to learn from those mistakes?

Causey: Mistakes will always be made, but the key is to try to learn from each mistake and try to correct it.

WDAM: What are some ways you help your players off the field?

Causey: Coaching is not just on the field; it is in our players' everyday lives.  Anytime a player needs help with something, we try our best to help them. It may be getting a kid something to eat, a tutor, giving them advice, a ride home or many other things. The best thing about being a coach is we are able to help out these young men.

WDAM: How do you plan on improving as a coach from year to year?

Causey: The best way to improve is to learn from past experiences.

WDAM: How has coaching affected your life?

Causey: Coaching takes a big part of your life. My family has moved multiple times in the ten years I have been coaching. During football season, there are times we eat supper at the field house before JV games. My wife and family are very supportive and love football and our players, just as much as I do.

NOTE: This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.