Lifeguard Ambulance coverage begins Aug. 1 in Lamar Co.

Lifeguard Ambulance coverage begins Aug. 1 in Lamar Co.
Photo credit: WDAM

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Lifeguard Ambulance service will begin full coverage in Lamar County starting Aug. 1.

Ambulance officials addressed the Lamar County Board of Supervisors during its regularly scheduled meeting Thursday in Purvis to bring them up to speed on the progress of the service.

"I'm looking to set the bar, raise the bar for EMS in the state of Mississippi, we are going to provide a service unlike any other in the state and provide good patient care, passionate patient care to the citizens of Lamar County," said Dwayne Tullos, Lamar County Lifeguard EMS chief.

The service to the county comes at the cost of $420,000, broken down in to $35,000 due on the first day of each month.

The company will bring roughly 40 jobs to the county, as well as hire additional personnel and two extra dispatchers for the ambulances.

"Their hiring process has been intense, their training process has been intense and we are excited about having them," Lamar County Administrator Jody Waits said. "Their equipment is going to be above anything else the county's every seen, the quality of pre-hospital care is going to be exceptional, better than anything the county has ever seen, and we are very excited about it."

Supervisors replaced ASAP Ambulance Service in early May, after questions of response times came up after a house fire in Purvis in February.

"The board considered several proposals, but ultimately it's about what is best for citizens of Lamar County, what's going to save lives, what's going to give them the best outcome when they are in the worst day they've had and they need someone to come to them," Waits said.

The ambulance service will have four units in the county, with two reserve units.

Those units will be positioned at the Lifeguard main office on Purvis-Oloh Road, Oak Grove, Central Lamar and Southeast Lamar fire stations, with the two reserve units positioned at other stations.

"Lifeguard ambulance service is exemplary, and everything they've said they are going to do, they've done above and beyond what we expected," Waits said.

Tullos takes over in the chief position with 14 years of law enforcement experience, as well as a nationally registered paramedic with roughly eight years of service.

The new ambulances are set to be delivered in Lamar County next week.

"To you all, and the citizens of Lamar County, rest assured that emergency calls will be responded to promptly and the best in the business will arrive on scene equipped with the knowledge and tools to provide a level of patient care not experienced before in Lamar County," Tullos said.