Petal Churches join together in prayer after Baton Rouge Shootings

Petal Churches join together in prayer after Baton Rouge Shootings
photo credit: WDAM
photo credit: WDAM

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - Two Baptist churches joined forces today to pray for the nation and for the police officers that were killed this morning in Baton Rouge.

Over 400 people went to Mt. Vernon Missionary Baptist Church to remember officers involved in the Baton Rouge shooting incident and pray for the violence to stop.

During the church service, Pine Belt Police officers were invited to stand in front of the congregation to get blessed by the pastor.

"Lord bless these officers who are present today, father keep your loving arms around them as they protect us," said Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Carl Burkett.

Petal School District police officer Clay Johnson said he was honored to get recognized for his service in the community.

"It's very nice and touching to notice that people are supportive of you and praying for you when you go out and do your job," said Johnson

Members from Petal First Baptist and Mt. Vernon Missionary Baptist Church decided to combine their services to bond as a community and encourage conversations about the recent deaths that shocked the nation.

"In light of what happened this morning in Baton Rouge it's even more appropriate that our churches gather together, black and white to worship together and talk about differences," said Petal First Baptist Pastor Brad Eubank.

The service was also meant to lift up everyone's spirits with music and prayer.

"Father we pray that you would take control of the killing in our communities and in our towns and even in our country," said Burkett. "Lord we need you."

Both of the churches plan on hosting more events to bring the community together to pray.