MUGSHOTS: 12 of 16 drug roundup suspects identified

MUGSHOTS: 12 of 16 drug roundup suspects identified
Source: RNN

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Twelve of the 16 suspects arrested and charged in a multi-agency drug roundup have been identified.

The 12 suspects identified are:

Anthony Hudson, 39, charged with: 

  • sale of controlled substance, dilautid
  • sale of controlled substance/oxycodone
  • sale of controlled substance/meth

Ladunn Martin, 23, charged with:

  • possession with intent to distribute marijuana

Kevin Taylor, 33, charged with:

  • possession of a weapon by a convicted felon
  • controlled substance while in possession of a firearm(crack cocaine)

Phillip Jackson, 35, charged with:

  • sale of a controlled substance (2)

Earnest Sims, 30, charged with:

  • Probation violation

Ricky Washington, 24, charged with:

  • Sale of a controlled substance

Joann Leflore, 61, charged with: 

  • possession of controlled substance

Tyeisha Myers, 20, charged with:

  • sale of crack cocaine (2)

Domanec Dancy, 35, charged with:

  • possession of a controlled substance
  • possession of marijuana within 1500 feet of a play ground

Larry Smith, 38, charged with:

  • sale of a controlled substance

Christopher Scott, 19, charged with:

  • sale of controlled substance

Tavares Allen, 36, charged with:

  • sale of cocaine
  • possession of cocaine

According to Metro Narcotics Agents, the investigation has been lengthy, and it involves multiple locations in and around Hattiesburg.

The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, Drug Enforcement Administration, ATF, U.S. Marshals, Mississippi Department of Corrections and Forrest and Lamar County Sheriff's Departments served 25 warrants and arrested 16 people for assorted drug charges.

During the roundup officers seized five weapons, a vehicle, counterfeit money, counterfeit making machines,  cocaine, marijuana, assorted prescription medication and methamphetamine.