AT&T expands access to gigabit speeds to more businesses in 13 Mississippi communities

AT&T expands access to gigabit speeds to more businesses in 13 Mississippi communities

JACKSON, MS - This is a news release from AT&T

AT&T is bringing gigabit internet speeds to even more businesses in 13 Mississippi communities. With AT&T Business Fiber, more businesses can download and upload at speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps).

"Elected officials at the state and local levels have created an environment to support investment in Mississippi.  AT&T's continuous investment in our state offers cutting-edge opportunities, helping ensure Mississippi businesses have the tools needed to compete and grow," said Mississippi Development Authority Executive Director Glenn McCullough, Jr.

AT&T Business Fiber with access to 1 gigabit per second is now available at select locations in these communities:


AT&T has aggressively expanded its fiber footprint over the past few years, both to consumers and businesses.  We have expanded coverage to reach over 1 million incremental business customer locations in the US, with 10,500 of those in Mississippi. We currently have approximately 55 multi-tenant office buildings that are live with AT&T Business Fiber in Mississippi.  And, we will continue to build out to keep pace with growing demand.

"As a result of the pro-investment policies that have been enacted at the state and local levels across Mississippi, AT&T has been able to significantly expand its fiber footprint, bringing more advanced services to our Mississippi customers," said Mayo Flynt, president of AT&T Mississippi.  "And with AT&T Business Fiber being deployed to many multi-tenant office buildings across the state, we are quickly expanding the number of businesses in urban and rural areas alike that have access to Gigabit connections."

With internet speeds up to 1Gbps businesses can:

Download 8,000 word processing documents in 1 second.
    Download a 2-hour high definition video in 36 seconds.
    Backup/restore 1 terabyte hard drive in 2.5 hours.

We're also launching nationwide U-verse Business Voice over AT&T Business Fiber. The voice over IP phone service delivers great sound quality and high reliability as calls travel over the internet.