The Adam Carolla Show hits the road with Peavey Electronics

The Adam Carolla Show hits the road with Peavey Electronics

MERIDIAN, MS - This is a news release from Peavey

Comedian, podcaster, actor, host Adam Carolla is now using Peavey® equipment for his upcoming shows on the road. The Front of House system will include a combination of 45 pieces to deliver reliable, crystal clear performance night after night. Peavey founder Hartley Peavey spoke with Adam earlier this year which ultimately lead to an episode of Take A Knee. The podcast can be found on iTunes and

Equipment being used for the road show includes the Peavey Versarray™ series, Crest® Audio power amps, Digitool™ MX32, X18R™ mixer, PV20™ USB mixer and more. As part of a road show, not only does the gear need to be roadworthy and dependable night after night, the system also needs to be flexible to accommodate different venues.  This Peavey system delivers in any situation.

After three years of broadcasting over FM radio in Los Angeles, the show shifted to the podcast format in 2009. Since then, Guinness World Records has named The Adam Carolla Show the most downloaded podcast in the world after receiving over 59,000,000 unique downloads in a two-year span. Adam and his guests discuss anything and everything from current events, relationships, specialty pizzas, and more.

Throughout his career, Adam Carolla has worn many hats in the entertainment industry including comedian, television host, actor, radio personality, podcaster, and director. Television shows he has hosted include The Adam Carolla Project, The Car Show, The Man Show and Loveline. He has also appeared on reality shows Dancing with the Stars and The Celebrity Apprentice and political talk shows Real Time with Bill Maher and The O'Reily Factor. His books In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks and Not Taco Bell Material have been listed on The New York Times bestseller list.