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Blood Bowl: Jones County Sheriff's Department encourages others to become blood donors

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For the past 20 years, Public Relations Director Allyson Knotts for the Jones County Sheriff’s Department has been a regular blood donor. She said a friend of hers encouraged her to donate.

“I did it and realized there’s really nothing to it except for the fears and there was nothing to fear of giving blood,” Knotts said. “But the feeling after you give, it’s a wonderful, physical thing to do.”

Knotts said as an employee at the sheriff’s department, she sees how important it is to give blood.

“Day-to-day we see it across the country that accidents happen,” Knotts said. “Our deputies see the accidents first-hand they see first-hand the need for when a blood transfusion is necessary.”

She said anyone can save a life with just a few minutes of his or her time.

“The average person needs no training, they need no special skills, and they need only about 30 minutes to lay back and relax and become a hero,” Knotts said.

She also said it is important to not only give during tragic times.

“Honestly United Blood Services needs for folks to make this a habit even if it’s just three times a year,” Knotts said. “It’s important to keep those shelves stocked.”

United Blood Services encourages people to give blood every eight weeks or three to four times a year. 

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