Family of homicide victim: 'It hurts, but the violence needs to stop'

Family of homicide victim: 'It hurts, but the violence needs to stop'
Larita Dewberry/photo credit: Facebook
Larita Dewberry/photo credit: Facebook

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Friends and family are mourning the loss of Larita Dewberry a mother of five, just 26 years old.

She was shot over the weekend in her car by her boyfriend, Taiwan Blakely, at the Oakwood apartments in Hattiesburg.

Only two days after her death, emotions are still fresh on the faces of Larita Dewberry's family.

"I would never want another mother to feel what I feel, to have to go through the preparation of laying your child to rest," said her mother Shandra Dewberry.

Dewberry said it is hard to believe that she will never get to speak to her daughter again.

"It hurts but the violence needs to stop," Shandra Dewberry said.

Relatives describe Larita Dewberry as a great friend, sister and a mother. Her youngest children are twins.

"He didn't just kill Larita, he also killed their five kids too because they'll never know who their mother is," Shandra Dewberry said.

Her family did not want to comment on the nature of her relationship with Blakely, but want to raise awareness about domestic violence.

"The men in these communities needs to start being real men in these communities and stop with senseless violence," said her brother Raffinee Dewberry.

However, the family said they plan on turning toward their church and faith in god to help them get through this tragedy.

"We'll keep praying and we'll make it through," Raffinee Dewberry said.  "We'll come together and bond together and get through it."

As a family, the Dewberry's will remember her, not for how she died but who she was as a person.

"She was just a bubbly, bubbly person and then to know her you fall in love, you fall in love," Shandra Dewberry said.

The family is working on making funeral arrangements for Larita Dewberry.

A previous version of this story stated that Dewberry shared a set of twins with Blakely. Evidence turned over to WDAM has proven that there is no relation between the suspect and the children.