Pine Belt shelters help out victims of domestic violence

Pine Belt shelters help out victims of domestic violence

PINE BELT (WDAM) - Two people were charged with aggravated assault domestic violence on Sunday in Jones County and victim advocates want to help those who are affected.

The National Coalition against domestic violence reported that 1 in 3 women and 1 and 4 men experience physical abuse by an intimate partner in their lifetime in Mississippi.

Doklkeilya Crumbly was charged over the weekend for domestic violence aggravated assault after hurting her ex-boyfriend, Damarius Cooley.

"He had the visible evidence that a knife had been used and he was cut and it was from Ms. Crumbley that the altercation took place," Jones County Sheriff's Public Relations Director Allyson Knotts said.

Knotts said a person can face up to 20 years behind bars if they are faced with aggravated assault charges.

"It's not only not right, not only illegal but the Jones County Sheriff's department does not take a blind eye to it," Knotts said.

There are several victim advocate groups within the Jones, Hattiesburg and Laurel city police departments.

"There is no shame in reaching out for help, someone is always out there that can help you," Laurel Police Department victims advocate Melicia Coopers said.

Domestic violence victims can also get help at Domestic Abuse Family shelters located in Hattiesburg and Laurel. The shelters give victims a place to stay for 90 days and help with case management, finding jobs and providing food.

"One of the best parts is when they come in and they are scared and you help them get on their feet and access resources in the community and things like that," Laurel Shelter Manager Destiny Buckley said.

The domestic family shelter is opening up another location and is asking for donations.