Fireworks tips to help keep you safe on July 4 weekend

Fireworks tips to help keep you safe on July 4 weekend

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - July 4 is just a few days away and many people will be popping their own fireworks.

Reports show that there are more than 18,500 fires on July 4.

Hale's Fireworks in Hattiesburg has more than 500 fireworks. They range from 30 cents to $200. Employees Cory and Keta Scronce said safety is important.

"When you light the fuse, step 25 feet away and watch it, don't be up right on it," Cory Scronce said.

Sparklers, bottle rockets and snaps are popular among youngsters, but Scronce said safety is important.

"Always want them supervised around anything that's going to blow up," Keta Scronce said. "There could be a malfunction with any of them at any point in time."

Keta Scronce said fireworks are meant to be shot in the atmosphere and not at other people.

"Don't shoot them at each other," Keta Scronce said. "A lot of people like to have wars with them and stuff and do not tie the fuses together and try to do too many at one time."

Jones County Fire Coordinator Dan McKenna said it is important that people read the warning label when lighting fireworks.

"Make sure that the devices themselves are set up on stable ground and supported as necessary and real all the detonated manufacturer's instructions as ho to detonate the device properly," McKenna said.

Mckenna recommended lighting fireworks in a wide area way from flammable objects.

"Have a garden hose attached and ready to put out any type of brush fires that may start from these devices," McKenna said.

Mckenna suggested going to professional fireworks shows to ensure safety.