Hattiesburg doctor concerned about required vaccines in MS

Hattiesburg doctor concerned about required vaccines in MS

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Mississippi state law requires all kids to be immunized before they begin school, but Dr. Rebecca Boyd with Forward Health Solutions in Hattiesburg has serious concerns over vaccinations.

"I'm in the minority right now that believes that we don't need to vaccinate for every little thing," Boyd said.

She said she is not against vaccinations, but she thinks there are just too many.

"When we were kids, you got 8 to 12 vaccines up until kindergarten and now they're getting 49 vaccines before they reach the age of 6," Boyd said.

In the state of Mississippi, first-time students are required to have shots to protect them against diseases like polio, hepatitis B and chickenpox.

Boyd said many people do not know what is injected into their children.

"Parents don't know even or are informed of what's in the vaccines, and what they actually have to have versus what the state of Mississippi requires before your kids go to school," Boyd said.

She said not all children react to medications the same way.

"Many kids are going to do fine with vaccines, that's great because there are some kids who are susceptible and are at more high risk of having issues," Boyd said.

Mississippi has the country's best child vaccination rate mainly because of its strict laws.