Pine Belt kid ranked in top 20 junior golfers in the world

Pine Belt kid ranked in top 20 junior golfers in the world
photo credit: WDAM
photo credit: WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Hattiesburg has a world golf champion in our midst, and he is only 7 years old.

Henson Sharpe is getting a lot of attention, especially after a video of him hitting a golf ball on fire into a fire-pit is going viral.

Currently, Sharpe is ranked in the top 20 junior golfers in the world for his age group but Sharpe does not let this title go to his head. He is a very soft spoken, polite and down to earth.

"My dad brought me out here for golf and I started hitting and I liked it," Sharpe said.

Several times a week, one can find him out on the Canebrake Golf Course with his dad, Grant Sharpe.

"He beats me in chipping, but in putting and I got him," Grant Sharpe said.

His passion for golf started at a young age, but his parents never expected that this hobby would turn into a lifestyle for him.

"Once he gets out here on this putting green, he will stay out here all day and we always have to drag him in," said his mother, Brandie Sharpe.

However, his dad does not mind because he is also a big fan of golf, and this is just another way to spend time with his son.

"I have no expectations I just want him to have a good time and enjoy it and think that was a good time hanging out with my dad," Grant Sharpe said.

On Thursday, Henson Sharpe will compete in California for a golf Tournament and at the end of July, he will compete in the World Championships in North Carolina against 125 kids.