Richton family making progress in cemetery clean-up, improvement

Richton family making progress in cemetery clean-up, improvement

RICHTON, MS (WDAM) - A Richton family said they are making progress in cleaning up and improving two old cemeteries in town, which are mostly African-American.

Members of the Husband family said the so-called "New Cemetery" in east Richton and a much older one in a nearby wooded area have been neglected for years.

But on Wednesday, District 3 supervisor Tommy Walley said he will help repair a damaged road leading to the "New Cemetery."

And he is checking to see what the county can do to clean up the other graveyard, which has headstones dating back to the 1800s.

"I've been in Richton a long, long time (and) I was not aware that there were graves in those woods," Walley said, after spending the morning visiting both cemeteries. "So, I'm committed to working with the town of Richton and the public here."

Carderro Husband said, "After we get the road maintenance up, we get everything fixed, it's time to start looking at adjacent properties to expand this (new) cemetery for burial. No more burying can be done in here, we know this now."

Husband said some state officials have expressed interest in visiting the area for historical research.