Dupree: Longleaf Trace 'secure place' for recreation

Dupree: Longleaf Trace 'secure place' for recreation

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree is reacting to two recent violent crimes that took place on the Longleaf Trace.

On June 10, a woman was attacked in a restroom on the trail.

She was injured, but chased her attacker away.

Hattiesburg Police are still searching for the suspect.

On June 8, two other people on the Trace were robbed at gunpoint and kidnapped.

They were not injured.

HPD has made two arrests in connection with that case.

DuPree said the city is taking steps to make sure people who use the trail are safe.

He said Hattiesburg Police will soon be instituting bike patrols and he said new lighting will be added.

He also said additional fencing will be constructed.

"This is a secure place for people to have fun, bring their family," DuPree said. "My wife and I use this trail at least four times a week, at least, my wife, myself and my daughter. We're not afraid here. We use it. We enjoy it."

DuPree said a memorandum of understanding between the Longleaf Trace Board of Directors and the City of Hattiesburg addressing security issues will be discussed at next week's City Council meeting.