Wayne Co. officials warn of alligator dangers

Wayne Co. officials warn of alligator dangers

WAYNE COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - After a toddler was killed at Disney World in Orlando, local officials are warning of the dangers posed by the reptiles.

Wayne County Sheriff Jody Ashley is trained to catch alligators. He said while attacks are rare, he said one should never let his or her guard down.

"Be aware of alligators because they are not only in Florida, but in Mississippi. A lot of them are here," Ashley said.

He said it is best to avoid alligators because they have a very powerful attack.

"They're very very strong. The jaws are very very strong," Ashley said.

Ashley warns that it is not safe to feed alligators because the reptiles will start to associate people with food.

"It is a state law that you cannot feed an alligator," Ashley said.

Alligators are usually in bodies in water like lakes, rivers and ponds, but during mating season, they sometimes move out of the water, Ashley said.

"That's when we've got them off highways, right of ways and captured them," Ashley said.