Hattiesburg holds 4th Annual Craft Beer Festival

Hattiesburg holds 4th Annual Craft Beer Festival
photo credit: WDAM
photo credit: WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Beer enthusiasts packed the Train Depot in Hattiesburg this afternoon for the 4th Annual Craft Beer Festival.

For beer enthusiasts, this was a dream come true.  People were able to interact with local brewers and could try a selection of over 100 beers from breweries all across the state and country.

"You get to taste different types of beers that you don't know about and you go out and buy more," said attendee Terry Truett.

About 30 breweries showed up to the event and were happy to pour out samples for beer fans.

"People are getting into local made products they can attach themselves to," said Natchez Brewing co-owner Patrick Miller. "They can see where it's made and be a part of it."

Consumer activists from the "Raise your Pints" organization also attended the event.

They said they are happy to see festivals like this one become more popular in the state.

"Raise your pints" led an effort to raise the alcohol cap to 10 percent, and  also helped make home brewing legalized.

"This led to an explosion of craft beer options, and selections," said Raise Your Pints President Craig Hendry. "We were only at one brewery right before then, now we are knocking on 14 breweries,"

About 1,200 people attended the festival this year, and Andrea Saffle with the Hattiesburg Historic Downtown Association said she looks forward to seeing more next year.

"We want this event to grow but we also want to keep it so that it feels intimate," said Saffle. "When you come here you feel like you're getting something special."