Family of drowning victim speaks out

Family of drowning victim speaks out

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The family of a teenager who drowned in the C. E.  Roy Community Pool in Hattiesburg said coping with this unimaginable loss has been difficult.

His mother, Dwan Hughes, said her son, JuWine Hughes, was with a family friend when out of nowhere, she had a strange feeling.

"Something told me to just call my sister I said what ya'll doing and she said you haven't heard the news, I said 'What news?'" Dwan Hughes said. "She said 'your son drowned' and I just burst out and broke down."

His aunt, Tinisha Womack, said she is heartbroken.

"I had just had a baby and I was in ICU when I heard the news," Womack said.

The family said they will always hold on to the memories.

"Now since he's gone, he's in my heart, I'll be strong," Hughes said.

They hope Juwine's tragic death will teach other families about the importance of water safety.

"Please act, supervise your kids around water because things can happen so fast," Womack said.