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Sheriff foils burglary attempt at his own home

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Savannah Jones/Photo credit: MCSD Savannah Jones/Photo credit: MCSD
Seeb Holmes/Photo credit: MCSD Seeb Holmes/Photo credit: MCSD

A weekend burglary attempt in Marion County turned into a surprise when the suspects discovered the house belonged to the local sheriff.

Seeb Austin Holmes, 31, and Savannah Leigh Jones, 29, were both charged with burglary of a dwelling, and possession of a controlled substance while in possession of a firearm.

"Sunday night I heard some noise, and when I went into the hallway, I saw someone breaking the glass on the door and screaming," Marion County Sheriff Berkley Hall said. 

Sheriff Hall said Holmes stuck part of his pistol through the door as he was breaking the glass.

"I approached and identified myself and he dropped the weapon on the rug, when he dropped it I picked it up, opened the door and he turned around," Hall said. 

Hall said the Holmes was screaming, "Help me, help me, someone is chasing me."

"I took him into custody, by the time I got the cuffs on him, there were four units that pulled up as backup," Hall said. 

Hall said there were two other deputies that found the other suspect, a woman identified as Jones, in a car out on the road and she was taken into custody also.

"This was just totally random, the pair was both hyped up on narcotics and the guy thought he was being chased," Hall said. 

Deputies searched the car and found a large amount of meth, according to Hall.

Holmes was also charged with DUI 1st offense and no insurance. He is still in custody, and his bond was set at $76,000.

Jones was also charged with DUI 1st offense and she bonded out on a $51,000 bond.

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