Perry County man acquitted of weapons charge

Perry County man acquitted of weapons charge

PERRY COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A Perry County man facing a 2014 weapons charge has been acquitted of his crime.

Bryon Armstrong, 26, was found not guilty after a two-day trial in Perry County after a verdict was returned Thursday morning.

According to Byron's indictment, in September 2014, between the 10th and 20th, he did knowingly and willfully possess a weapon, a Makarov 9x 18 mm handgun. During this time, Byron was listed as a convicted felon for a previous aggravated assault that occurred in 2009.

Armstrong still remains in custody on a murder charge, in connection to the shooting death of James Hartfield, 52, of McLain.

After a one-and-a-half day trial, the jury found the 26-year-old not guilty.

Armstrong still faces the murder charge.

Authorities said Armstrong shot and killed James Hartfield, 52, of McLain in September 2014.

Former Perry County Sheriff Jimmy Dale Smith said that deputies received a call that a person had been shot at Armstrong's residence. McClain was pronounced dead at the scene.

Armstrong is expected to stand trial for murder later this year.