Laurel authorities warn of crime increase in summer months

Laurel authorities warn of crime increase in summer months

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - As temperatures begin to rise, Laurel authorities are gearing up for an increase in crime.

Capt. Jerome Jackson with the Laurel Police Department said it happens every year around this time.

"A lot of the time, that actually is the case here, your vandalisms, your petty thefts, be it your vehicle burglaries, your residential burglaries." Jackson said.

Jackson said there are many reasons as to why there is an increase in crime during the summer.

"There's no school, there is a lot more social events and there's a lot more gatherings," he said.

There are simple things one can do to keep his or her property safe. With a car, it is as simple as locking the door, officials said.

"Be a little bit more conscious of your surroundings, of your areas," Jackson said.

Jackson said they want to prevent the crimes before they begin, and the public can be help in those efforts.

"Don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call us if you see something that you can't necessarily explain. That's what we're here for," Jackson said.