Local filmmaker reacts to House Bill 1523

Local filmmaker reacts to House Bill 1523

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Hattiesburg filmmaker Miles Doleac said many people want to produce movies in Mississippi, but House Bill 1523 could hinder those efforts.

"Mississippi has a great deal to offer, but we took a bit of a hit with House Bill 1523," Doleac said.

Gov. Phil Bryant recently received an award for signing the bill in to law from the Family Research Council, even as its being challenged in federal court.

"They don't know that if it takes crucifixion, we will stand in line before abandoning our faith and our belief in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ," Bryant said.

Doleac said as long as this law is on the books, many filmmakers will take their work elsewhere.

"It's going to stop some people from coming here, especially studio pictures, especially series, tentpole series," Doleac added.

He said it's unfortunate for all of those who have fought to have more movies produced in the Magnolia State.

"That's a terrible terrible thing for those of us who have really bled and sweated to lay the foundation of for the future of film production in the Magnolia State," Doleac explained.