Work finished on repainting project at Chain air park

Work finished on repainting project at Chain air park

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Work was finished Friday on a project to repaint three old Air Force jets that are part of the George R. Hall Air Park at the Bobby Chain Municipal Airport.

Pennsylvania static display aircraft painter Stephen Wagner worked for about two weeks on the project.

He painted a T-33, an F-84 and an F-101. All three were types of aircraft flown by the late Col. George Robert Hall of Hattiesburg, a Vietnam War P.O.W.

The park honors Hall, other P.O.W.'s, and those missing in action.

It opened in the mid-1980s.

Wagner also painted the Jets' concrete pedestals and the pedestals supporting plaques describing the aircraft.

"It went very well, it was greatly needed," said Wagner. "There was quite a bit of corrosion and peeling and mold on the aircraft, so we took care of those issues."

City officials said the total cost of the project was $25,000. About 80 percent of the amount was paid for by sales of timber at the airport. The remaining portion came from the city's general fund.

Airport director Lamar Rutland said about $10,000 is still needed for other smaller projects at the park.

He is hoping local veterans groups will donate the funds for that work.