National Tire Safety Week: Tips for making sure your tires are in good condition

National Tire Safety Week: Tips for making sure your tires are in good condition

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The tire industry recognizes May 29 - June 4 as National Tire Safety Week.

Workers at University Tire in Hattiesburg want to remind drivers about the importance of tire safety and keeping tires in good condition.

Owner Mike Davis said there are two major components to tire safety: pressure and tread.

"If you're running tires that are under-inflated, then you're going to wear them out faster," Davis said. "They're not safe on the road. It's too hot out there to be running tires that are under-inflated."

Davis recommended checking the tire air pressure at least once a month.

"If your little pressure light comes on in your car, it's telling you that you have a tire that is at least 25 percent under inflated," Davis said.

Davis suggested looking for excessive tread wear.

"Tread designs are designed primarily to get the water out from underneath the tire, so you don't hydroplane going down the road," Davis said.

Davis said people can even test the tread depth of their tires at home with a Lincoln head penny.

"The critical thing is to make sure your tires have at least there or more thirty seconds of tread on them," Davis said.

Hattiesburg resident John Mills has gotten his tries changed regularly at University Tire for more than 20 years.

"The service is good and I don't feel like I'll get cheated here," Mills said. "They explain to you, what it will take to fix it and they will tell you the price."

Miss said safety is important.

"See an awful lot of car accidents on Highway 98, and I'd like to not be a part of that," Mills said.

Davis said it is also important for car owners to get their tires rotated every six months or every 6,000 miles.

He also said car owners should have their tires balanced periodically.