Say hello to this new piece of 'handy' technology

Say hello to this new piece of 'handy' technology

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The time has come. You can now make payments with your hand. Buzzfeed Senior Writier Charlie Warzel found himself on a mission to spare cash and credit cards at all costs.

"I basically wanted to try to download as many apps on my phone as possible and make sure I could use alternative currencies," Warzel shared in his venture video.

However, his experiment was headed to a halt until he took a trip to Sweden. Not too long after meeting with some people in the "biohacking community" Warzel's left hand was stretched across a table, ready for operation.

The radio frequency identification and near field communication chip, also known as RFID NFC, lead Warzel to a world of success.

He later partnered with an engineer from Venmo, a mainstream mobile payment service a part of PayPal, and added his application user ID to make his hand more accessible for more common mobile payment options.

"We actually accomplished what we set out to do and I kind of couldn't believe that it was ever going to happen," Warzel said after his first successful payment attempt.

Desktop and mobile users can check out the original Buzzfeed video here.