Author of "Wrecked, But Not Totaled" holds book signings

(The following is a press release submitted to WDAM7.  Kendale Lumpkins will hold a book signing May 27th from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. at Southern Miss.  Visit for more details and to connect with the author on social networking.)

"The Barbershop Preacher" continues on his path of spreading inspiration with his first book titled "Wrecked, But Not Totaled".

"I was inspired to write "Wrecked, But Not Totaled" because there are so many people that live a life less than they were created to live. Many don't feel worthy enough due to their past mistakes," Lumpkins said.

The book will debut online at and on May 16th, 2016. Lumpkins says "Wrecked, But Not Totaled" was written because people need to know that God has the final say and that their mistakes in the past didn't change God's mind about their future.

"If you've never made a mistake, fallen short, felt disappointed, or wanted to give up, this book is not for you. I wrote this book to encourage those who have made bad decisions.  This book is for people who haven't always been proud of who they are. This book is for people like me," Lumpkins said.

Through wisdom, Lumpkins now understands that God wanted to use his past as inspiration to others to live the abundant life God intended. Lumpkins says readers can expect to learn practical life applications to help them persevere through all life's struggles.

"I will teach you how to adjust your approach to life's obstacles by sharing a few stories and testimonies of my own. The life you always dreamed of living is waiting on you," Lumpkins said.

The world was first introduced to Lumpkins via Facebook after a video showing him sitting in a Mississippi barbershop talking to a NFL football player about his evolution from fighting temptation to fighting the good fight of faith went viral. To date, the video has been shared, liked and viewed on social media sites more than twelve million times; not to mention the hundreds of thousands of comments.

"God can use us no matter the mess we've made. Your current condition does not determine your future position. Your bad choices may have bent your life out of shape, but you are not totaled. You are still here. You still have a purpose," Lumpkins said.

Lumpkins is married with two children. He is a member of West Point Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi where he has served as a youth leader and minister since 2013.

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