Hattiesburg Clinic offers new procedure for hypertension

Hattiesburg Clinic offers new procedure for hypertension

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Mississippi is ground zero for cardiovascular disease and that includes one of the most deadly and dangerous diseases.

"Hypertension is a very common disease," Director of the Hypertension Center at Hattiesburg Clinic Dr. Bryan Batson said.

Batson said high blood pressure affects more than one in three adults in the southeast and is the root of other illnesses.

"Such as stroke, heart attack, kidney disease and dialysis," Batson said.

Batson said it is a disease that is not easy to control, so he and Interventional Cardiologist, Dr. Robert Wilkins teamed up to try a new way to treat this disease.

The procedure starts in unlikely places.

"The brain and the kidney are very important regulatory organs for blood pressure control," Wilkins said.

Wilkins said that is exactly where the Spyral Hypertension Trial targets, especially the kidneys, the arteries of the kidneys and using a procedure called Renal Denervation.

"We thread a little electrode catheter into the renal arteries and deliver radio frequency energy through the wall of the artery," Wilkins said.

Wilkins said the frequency will interrupt the hyperactive impulses sent from your brain to your kidneys which causes them to release neuro-hormones that raises the blood pressure.

"We can deliver energy through the renal artery and interrupt those nerve fibers, and hopefully lower blood pressure," Wilkins said.

But there is more that both Batson and Wilkins need to know about lowering blood pressure with this procedure, so they want to offer this trial to those who have uncontrollable blood pressure or newly diagnosed with the disease.

"This will be a first in medical history in that an interventional procedure can actually treat patients with high blood pressure," Wilkins said.

To learn more about the Renal Denervation procedure, call the clinic at 601-268-5794.