Lamar County officials urge people to use White Goods drop-off sites

Lamar County officials urge people to use White Goods drop-off sites

LAMAR COUNTY, MS - Lamar county officials want people to take their larger trash items to White Goods drop-off sites.

These sites are meant for items like tires, furniture and mattresses, and officials said leaving these items outside your home is not acceptable.

"There will be furniture, there will be refrigerators I mean all kinds of stuff," Limb Truck Operator Matthew Maciejewski said.

County development official Brian Neuman said the county could lose its $22,941 grant for the White Goods program if people continue to leave these items outside.

"We're supposed to be getting money to collect it and by people dropping it off  we are picking it up curbside, number one we can't bill it back to that grant and two it defeats the purpose of that grant," Neuman said.

Neuman said the county's biggest problem is renters leaving trash after they move out.

"We have a lot of houses, single family houses and apartments and the biggest problem they have is when they leave or they aren't informed," Neuman said.

The county wants people to know that they can drop off their items at White Goods locations in Sumrall, Oak Grove, Purvis, Lumberton and Baxterville. The dumping and litter control ordinance stated that people could get a fine up to $1,000 if they continue to leave large trash items outside.

"It's just time that everybody learns to take respecting the county and what we can and cannot do, and we cannot pick up large items off the side of the road," Neuman said.

Officials said it is okay for people to leave items that fit inside their trash can or bag and weigh up to 30 pounds.

The drop-off sites do not accept items like hazardous waste, contractor waste, commercial waste, fiberglass insulation, asphalt roofing, shingles and any type of cleaning solution.

The White Goods drop-off times and locations are below:

First Saturday of the month: Sumrall, 3799 Rocky Brand Rd: 7 a.m.-noon

Second Saturday: Oak Grove,1002 Grantham Rd. Sumrall : 7 a.m.-noon

Third Saturday: Purvis, Highway 589, Road Department Central Maintenance facility: 7 a.m.-noon

Fourth Saturday: Lumberton, Front Steet, across from National Guard Building: 7 a.m.-noon; Baxterville, U.S.13 Community Center/Voting Precinct: 1-4 p.m.